this xhamster/ and discuss it with his council. In the meantime xhmaster Luke and Running Bear were becoming more and more attached, parting now would be difficult but Luke promised that if he did go east again, whatever happened, he would return. Love as Luke knew it was not a word in the Indian language but both men knew freeporn that what they had between them was much more xhamster porno than friendship. The decision of the xmaster.com council was x hampster that Luke would be allowed to leave, the two troopers however would remain but xhamster femdom would not be ill treated, and would be allowed to return with xhampster Luke next time. A brave would be at the point where they released Luke at the time of the new www.xhamster moon each month until Luke returned. His uniform and a cavalry mount were returned to x hamster him along with his sword and pistol. A carbine xhamster video was in its scabbard on his horse, along with a bedroll and food. His escort was to x hamster.com be three braves, one of whom, of course, x.hamster was Running Bear. Luke asked Running Bear to learn as much of his tongue as he could while he was away and instructed his troopers to help in any way that they could. "I will come back for you two, I promise." The troopers were actually enjoying their life here, they did very little work and being cornholed by the young braves and other sex acts, didn't bother xhamaster them anymore. The braves now used them for pleasure rather xhamster gay than punishment so there was no pain now in the acts they www xhamster.com committed. Luke and xhamster japanese Running Bear xhamster pictures said their goodbye's within sight of xhamster milf the fort, three days later. "Go in peace my brother, I will wait eagerly for your return." Luke had tears in his eyes and x-hamster said to Running Bear, out of earshot of the other braves. "I love xhamsters videos you Running Bear, I promise I will xhamster video be back." No one at the fort ever expected to see Luke again. The Commanding Officer and his senior staff thoroughly debriefed Luke, finding it https //xhamster.com/ difficult to believe him, except that his xhamster porn command of the Indian dialect and the fact that he was back with them looking so fit proved it. "The two young troopers captured with me Sir, are xhamster com being looked after and will return to the fort with me next time." "What do you mean, next time Lieutenant?" "I intend to return to Washington, Sir, and plead for this tribe to be allowed to remain on their land. Successful or xhamster mom not, I have promised Loan Arrow and his son that I will come back." Luke's return had been telegraphed back to Washington and his father realised that www.xhamster.com whatever his son thought about the Indian question, he would listen now, the love he had for the boy at last transcending his greed. Once he was home and settled in, Luke confronted his father with the problem he had come back to solve. "I don't want to continue fighting you Papa, you are xhamster spanking my father and I hamster porno love and respect you, but this particular gay xhamster tribe are gentle people being forced to fight us to freeporn survive. Whatever xha the outcome of my time here I am going back to try to help them." Senator Luke Atherton the Senior, sat down with his son to talk. "Tell me everything about your friends then Luke. I am now head of the senate committee for Indian affairs. Let's see if we can do something about this tribe." Luke was amazed but told his father everything from the time his patrol was ambushed to his release back at the fort, except of course the sex side of his relationship with Running Bear. Luke Snr. was no fool and xhamster video soon realised that his son had a special bond with the chief's son. Before Luke knew what was happening he was telling his story before the whole committee. With his father's support Luke managed to convince the men that perhaps an exception could be made here. A trial area so to speak, to see if this tribe could survive alongside the white settlers. Set aside the tribal hamster xxx lands, appoint an administrator and give him control of a small cavalry detachment to police it until sufficient numbers of the tribe xhamster .com could be taught English and develop policing skills. "Can the remainder of the tribe be returned to the area xhamster deutsch as well hamsterxxx father from the reservation they were taken to?" That threw the xhams committee into a tizz but with much forceful argument x hamster Luke was offered this solution. "Bring this committee a map delineating the area concerned. When you do that, we would like to see this chief and his son as well. If everything looks in order, they xhamster indian keep their tribal lands, the xhamster deutsch remainder of the tribe is returned to the area and xmaster you must accept the appointment of administrator for five years. Lastly, the two surviving troopers must be hamster x returned as well." This outcome was so much better than Luke believed possible, porno xhamster but it had taken nearly three months to achieve. Luke had it in writing, and carried sealed orders for the commandant xhamster hd of the fort to cease hostilities against the porn xhamster Indians porno in his area. If he was lucky, Luke realised he could just make the next new moon, he didn't want xhamster photos to wait another month to see his lover again. With just one day xhamster geschichten to spare, Luke rode into the fort he had left xmaster.com three xh months previously. The commandant was amazed to hamsterxxx see him and even more so when he read his orders. "I don't know how you have achieved this Luke, but I am pleased I don't have to xhamster mobile send any xhamster videos more men out there to be slaughtered. Your Indian friends have xhamster indian been way too successful against us." The next xxxhamster day, suitably attired in buckskins and mounted, with a spare supply horse Luke left the fort again for his rendezvous. He was disappointed that no one was there when he arrived but he started a fire to heat the water for coffee and settled down to wait. At bedtime, he hobbled the two horses, built the fire up, more as a beacon for his hoped for xhamster com contact than for the heat, and xmaster retired for the night. The next morning there was still no contact and he became despondent as the day wore on. He had just xhamsters.com finished his evening meal when he heard rustling in the brush and a strong voice spoke in passable English. "Yellow hair, why are you lazing around in my tribal lands?" Luke recognised the voice and was almost beside himself with joy. xhamster hd "Ah, Running Bear, my brother, I am dreaming of the night https //xhamster.com I will curl up in your arms again." Running Bear bounded into the camp hamster sex and almost crushed Luke with the enthusiasm of his greeting. "We were beginning to think you hamster.com had forgotten us my little friend." Luke looked into xhamster desi the eyes of this young man that he loved, touched his cheek gently and spoke in a voice xhamster photos loaded with emotion. "Never my love, my thoughts have been with you every day." That exhamster night they made xhamstercom love under the stars, with a desperation born of the longing each had for the other. The next day they started the ride back to the village. xham "I will tell you everything when we are x hamester with your father, but know that the soldiers will not be mounting anymore patrols in this area, you will have your tribal lands, and I will be here to administer them. You and Loan Arrow are xhamter to come to Washington with me to sign the treaty." When they arrived hamsterx in the village, Luke was nearly mobbed by the xhamster japan braves that never expected to see him again. On the periphery he could see his two troopers looking more like Indians now than cavalry xhamster free porn troopers. His first stop had to be Loan Arrow and he greeted the chief with joy in his heart. "We have much to talk about Loan Arrow, your council should hear my words as well. Will you summon them while I talk to my men?" xhams "Yes Luke, we have kept our word with your xhmaster men and my son now xhamster.com speaks passable English I am told." He looked with pride at Running Bear and Luke saw the expression that was full of love. Luke walked across the village to see his troopers and hear about their three porno hamster months without him. They were so happy to see him but at the same time they made it clear they had grown to love being here. They even spoke to Luke in the native tongue, hamster x all be it a little hesitantly. Luke could see https //xhamster.com/ that they were well xhamster mature fed, glowed with good health and were as brown as berries. He lifted the breech clout of one of them and laughed. "All dressed up for me hey troopers?" They both blushed and x.hamster Luke hugged them. "I'm no longer in the xhampster army so please call me Luke. I am taking you back to the fort with me this time and taking Loan Arrow and Running Bear to Washington. They xhampster.com are going to keep their lands and I am going to administer them with the help of a small contingent of cavalry." Both boys immediately pleaded with Luke to be allowed to join that contingent. "We love these people Luke, they are good to us now and the braves treat us like equals even though we still get cornholed." Luke laughed again, these boys were so transparent. "And you like it the same as I did." They were shocked and one of them said, "You and Running Bear, Luke." Luke nodded, "Yes, I love him better than a brother, and yes, I will try to get you on the detail. Keep learning their language, it will hamster porn help my case." The pow wow with the council was long and difficult for Luke but in the end it was agreed that Loan Arrow and Running Bear would return to Washington with him. They would wear full Indian dress but without the headdress so that they didn't shock anyone. The buckskin was similar to that worn by the Indian fighters and hunters that had come west, so no problem. It took Luke days to produce a half way decent map delineating the boundaries xhamster mobile of the tribal lands. Luke prayed it would be good enough to pass muster in Washington. xhamster pics When the time came to leave Luke was surprised to see the troopers appear xhamter in their uniforms which had been kept and cleaned for them. Their cavalry mounts were saddled despite both of them telling Luke that like him they could ride xhamster desi bare back like the Indians, they even had their own carbines again. They rode out, this time without blindfolds and with an escort of young braves who rode with them until they were just outside firing range of xhamster videos the fort's guns. Luke, exhamster Loan Arrow and Running Bear https //xhamster.com rode line abreast with the troopers at each x video end of the line until they were in hailing distance of the fort, with a line of hamster.com Indian braves sat astride their horses watching. Luke introduced the two Indians to the fort commandant who was surprised and pleased x master that they both spoke English, with Running Bear being a real surprise. His English was very good. "Sir, we would like to remain here for a few days while Loan Arrow and Running Bear get used to our ways and our accommodation. I want them to create a good impression when we sit before x hamster the senate committee." "Well done Luke, it will give me a chance to get to know Loan Arrow. I have already received tentative orders to form xhamster.com a small detachment to police the Indian lands if everything is agreed x hamsters in Washington." "In that case Sir, I can recommend my two troopers, they already speak a little of the language and are known and accepted by the tribe." They remained at the fort for two weeks during which time they were taught to use knives and forks, and to get used to sleeping in beds. Running Bear loved it because Luke came to his room to sleep every night, xhamster live and to make love of course. Loan Arrow however couldn't change and was found on the floor of his room every morning wrapped in his Indian blanket. The trip to Washington xhamster. was awesome for the Indian pair. It was xhamster stories mainly railroads across the land hamster porn until in Washington it was horse drawn carriages on proper roads. They were to stay with Luke in his father's house and Running Bear gulped when he saw xhamster it, the xhamster lesbian house was huge to his eyes and the bedroom he was shown to would xhamsters have been big enough for four tepees in his village. "Father has agreed that you should sleep in my room with free porn me Running Bear so we don't need to sneak about, I xhamster lesbian can hamster love you every night." Both boys were full of joy, but Luke was worrying that everything was going too well. The worry was justified, the committee haggled and procrastinated for ages making Loan Arrow xhams very angry at times. Eventually Luke pleaded with his father to have done with it and let these two fine men rejoin their family and their tribe. Three www.xhamster.com months again, but eventually they were on their way back west with the treaty in Loan Arrow's hands. "I will miss you Papa, we have had https //xhamster.com many differences as I grew up but you taught me well and I am proud to call you Sir." There were tears in Luke Snr's. Eyes as he bid farewell. "I will make at least two trips a year to see your tribe Luke, and you must come here twice a year to report to the senate." He was smiling xhampster.com as he said it and Luke knew there would be good times between him and his father at last. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ xxx xhamster The love that Luke and Running Bear xhamster categories have continues to grow in the next chapter. Date: Tue, 1 Jun xhamster pics 2010 12:13:27 -0400 From: Chris Johns Subject: Education, Wild West Style Pt.5 Education, Wild West Style Part 5 Washington and Trouble With Luke alongside him, Running Bear felt confident in this white man's world, he cut quite a figure in Washington society. Luke had bought new clothes for him but kept the frontier styling. Trying to dress him as a white man Luke realised would have just made him look ridiculous. Tailored buckskins were perfect and at that time in history, long hair in a pony tail didn't look out of place. Luke's father was impressed with the xhamester report and the hamster xxx fort commandant's added comments. He was also enormously impressed with Running Bear's command of the language. "I'm proud of you Luke, https //xhamster.com/ you appear to be doing an xhamster stories excellent xhmaster job. Proof of that should xhamster vintage soon be forthcoming. The government is opening up that territory for settlers. This will be the first time we have allowed Indians and settlers to cohabit. Your x master reservation police are going to have to xxx hamster be very diplomatic. How xhamster porn do you intend handling the initial contacts?" "I have Lt. Tom Arnold, my two corporals and myself, Dad. xhamster categories My plan is that xhamster femdom the Indian police will patrol in xhamster pictures threes, with one of us riding with each patrol while we assess how the settlers and the Indians get on. We will try to educate each settler group into realising that provided they keep off Indian lands they will have no problems with the xhamster local tribe, and the tribal police are there to help the whites as well." "Well done Son, you have obviously given this a lot of thought. I would like to meet this young Lt. of yours sometime. Perhaps he should make alternate reports to me, then I porno xhamster get four verbal reports a year instead of two, and if he's from the Boston Arnold's he will be a good man." "He is Dad, we were at the Point together, but he is a career soldier so hamster porno his training was longer than mine." Luke felt this trip had been very beneficial in changing some thinking in Washington about moving Indians off hamsterporn their lands. If this experiment xhamster vintage worked, Luke could see more of this type of planning going on. The Indians xhamster indonesia would worship him he thought with amusement. Life could not be freeporn better Luke thought, until he got careless. His father never hamster x came to his suite so Luke got out of the habit of locking his door. When his father knocked and entered one morning a few days before he and Running Bear were to return x-hamster to the reservation, he saw the two boys cuddling in their sleep, Luke spooned into Running Bear. Luke woke hearing his father xhamster indonesia growl in anger. "What the hell are you hamster tube doing?" Luke was very flustered, "I can explain Dad." "I doubt that boy, but I'll be in my study when you are decent." Luke was x video petrified, `was this mistake going to cost Running Bear xh and his tribe', that was Luke's only worry. He bathed and dressed before going to see his father. "I'm sorry Dad that you had site xhamster.com xhamster to see that. www xhamster.com Running Bear is very unsure being here and away from his tribe so we sleep together." "That is bullshit Boy and xhamster femdom you know it." Luke hung his head, he hadn't sounded convincing even to himself so he hadn't expected to fool his father. "Yes it is, I am sorry xhamster .com that you caught us though Dad. It is a very long story, how Running Bear and I grew close enough to warrant sleeping with one another." "I have all morning so go ahead." xhamster.com Luke then told his father everything that happened after he was captured, leaving out nothing except his love making with Running Bear. "I don't expect you to understand Sir, but I love Running Bear with all my heart, and I will do anything I can to help and protect his xhamster tube tribe. Lone Arrow is no happier than you at what has transpired between his son and me, but he accepts that our relationship is special." "I assume I have received the edited version of your story, and that you and Running free xhamster Bear have carnal knowledge of one another. Leave me now Luke, I need xhamster geschichten to think about this, at the moment your actions disgust me." Luke left, full of foreboding at the likely action his father would xhamster desi take. He went to Running Bear and told him. Now there were two worried young men. Luke Snr. knew another senator who he was sure was into young boys so he went to porn him to talk. Lucky for Luke, this senator opened up to Luke Snr. "I know most of you think that my love for boys xhamester is xhamster. com un-natural Luke, but I can't help what I am. My family porno xhamster tried to get me interested in women from a young age, but I always knew it was my own sex that interested me. I don't know whether it is an illness or the way we are made, but I wouldn't want to change now. If your son is like me, and this young Indian Brave is porn xhamster his lover, you could do a lot worse than to accept it. Luke's action over this Indian Reserve is gaining hamster tube a lot of popular support from senators looking to ease the problems with the Indians. He's a rising star here in Washington and that gives you huge kudos as well." Naked ambition had a lot to do xhamster. com with Luke Snr's. decision. He sent for his son the next day. "Luke, I think you and Running Bear should return to the reservation tomorrow. I can't pretend I like what is going on between you two, but Sam Carter believes I should accept it and let you carry on with your experiment." Luke was amazed xhamster photo that xhamster mom it had been this easy. The relief showed in a way xhamster sex that surprised his father. He broke down completely throwing himself into his father's arms and sobbing xhamster xxx his thanks. mature xhamster "Thank you Dad, I don't know what my life would be like without x hampster Running Bear, I hamsterporn love him xhamster live so free porn much. I'll make you proud of xhamster granny me, I promise." When you only xhamsterlive have one son it is difficult to be angry with him for too xhamster tube long. Luke xhamster de Snr. stroked the hair of his boy and whispered to him. "I know you will, now get along with you, and be careful." Luke took back to the reservation salutations from his father to Lone Arrow. Life returned to normal and a good system developed as settlers moved in. They all came to the fort first giving Luke and his team a chance to talk to them. Luke or Tom would be on hand with a couple of the reservation police xhamster/ to explain about the Indian lands. "This tribe will be no problem or trouble to you provided you respect their land. These reservation police are for your protection xhamster. and guidance. They all speak English xhamster live and know the limits of their tribal territories. If they tell you you are trespassing and you leave immediately there will be no trouble. If you think they are wrong come back to the fort and let the cavalry commander sort it, don't try to do it xhamster stories yourself. Farms www.xhamster sprung up all round the reservation and the Indians and settlers started trading. Agricultural supplies xhamsters.com from the Indians for iron implements and tools gay xhamster from the settlers. In the middle were Running Bear and Luke, revelling in their uncomplicated love. The first piece of trouble was a group of drunken settlers deciding the Indians shouldn't have sole rights to the lands that housed so much good hunting so they went on a hunting party, slaughtering most of a large herd of buffalo before the reservation police caught up with them. Several were killed before the others were captured and taken to the fort. Mike Hudson had been the cavalryman with this patrol and spoke for the Indians in front of the colonel. "They have slaughtered over a hundred buffalo Sir, this will cause problems for the tribe this winter. The police, even with this provocation tried to take them prisoner without bloodshed. There were only four of us Sir, and twelve of them. We had no choice when they started firing. xhamster japan Thankfully we are smaller targets than buffalo and they were still drunk porn so we xhamster free have suffered no injuries. The xhamster deutsch colonel fined the surviving trouble makers heavily, x hamester confiscated their horses and firearms and sent them back to the township. They, of course, now stirred up trouble and Luke, with Tom mature xhamster and his two corporals decided they had to take the initiative to defuse this situation. Tom was xhamster gay now a full lieutenant and becoming a very imposing figure. Luke had remained small but had such xhamster sex presence that his size didn't appear to matter. A meeting of the town's people and settlers brought in from their farms started hamster off very rowdily, the xhamster free porn drunken trouble makers were still drunk and still out to cause trouble. Luke started off the meeting. Instead of trying to explain and justify the xhamster gay Indians actions xhamster mom he started asking questions, mainly of the settlers who had more contact with the Indian patrols. The resulting answers were what Luke expected and the trouble makers cringed at. The settlers were xhamster odir full of praise for the help the Indian Police gave them, particularly the ones closest to the borders with xxxhamster Indian Territory. "Your young braves and their Chief never give us any trouble Mr. Atherton. Our cattle stray onto Indian lands frequently, and we ride xham out to bring them back periodically, or we find them rounded up and driven back for us by your patrols. If we are caught on their land while we xhamster photos do it, they just help us. We never have any trouble with xhamster/ them and trading with the village saves us a lot of xhamaster time and money." Luke beamed. "So you don't condemn my Indians for taking action against men that slaughtered over 100 buffalo that will cause the tribe problems this xhamster hd winter?" Looking round at his fellow settlers this particular farmer/rancher spoke again. "Perhaps we can help there. If we don't slaughter beef for our own consumption until closer to the winter we could barter the live meat for buffalo meat now. I x hamsters know they taste different but many of us would be happy to help in this way I'm sure." Before Luke knew what was site xhamster.com xhamster happening, tribal members were coming off xhamsterlive the reserve to learn how to look after White men's cattle, usually bringing buffalo meat with them and both sides keeping book. Come that winter Luke and Tom were almost overcome with hamsterx emotion when they saw a mixed bunch of Indians and Whites herding cattle into pens hastily erected near the village. "That's it Mr. Atherton. We have agreed xxx hamster totals with Lone xhamster mature Arrow and this is the delivery of winter meat for www.xhamster the tribe. We'll try to keep those trouble makers under control. We hamsterx have a sheriff in town now, recommended by your colonel so I hope liaison will make sure we have no more trouble." Luke wanted to cry with happiness, he couldn't believe how successful this arrangement was becoming. "Thank you Mr. Burton, I'll xha drop in to see the sheriff before I hamster porno return hamster sex to Washington to report to the Senate. I'd consider porno hamster it an honour now Sir, if you'd drop the formality towards me and xhamster jepang call me Luke." "I'd like that Luke, I voted for your father xhamster odir last time he stood for the Senate and I'd do the same for you if it ever came to pass." Luke xhamster milf was surprised that this man had lived in the East before. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Happiness for hamster tube Luke and Running Bear continues. hamster sex Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2007 14:53:15 -1000 From: Julian Travis Subject: Edwards and Cruise Part xhamstercom 3 (Gay Celebrity) Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional and does not in any way speak hamsterxxx to the reality of the sexual orientation or preferences of the persons interacting in this fantasy. Chapter Three Rob xham Lowe wanted private time with John Edwards so Tom called John and informed him that Rob was coming over xhamsters with him. By now, John Edwards was getting very confused about the whole night. First, Tom and his gang. Then, Maloni xxx xhamster and his gang. Edwards did take notice that he felt a strong pull towards Matt Damon. www xhamster.com Matt was xhamaster not intimidated by John Edwards' political status and xhamster japan neither was Christopher Maloni. Matt was rough, aggressive, and sexually strategic. He knew how xhamster japanese to suck, porno how to pick xhamster free up speed or slow it down, he knew how to massage the balls and sroke the cock x hamsters of the senator until the senator lost total control. John Edwards was developing confused feelings for Matt Damon and xhamster granny Christopher Maloni. Now, John also saw Ricky Martin as hot, but John was not comfortable with the softer side of romance. Ricky was a romanticist. When he kissed, he kissed passionately and slowly, taking things in stride. For John, there was no way he could have emotional feelings for a hot number like Ricky that quickly, so he felt Ricky was being superficial in some way. In any case, xhamster de Ricky had a hot body, but he seemed more into John Edwards than John was into Ricky. Ricky was obviously looking for love while John had no intentions to leaving his xhamster odir beautiful and loyal wife and family. John laid xhamster porno in bed while awaiting Rob and Tom's visit to his hotel room. John began to feel a little troubled at the xhamster spanking whole evening. He was curious alright, but he did not want this to be his lifestyle. He remembered the words of one of the xhamsters videos hot guys he had that night. . . YOU ARE OURS, MR. PRESIDENT, YOU ARE OURS. To John, he knew that word got out about what was going on, he would never become the candidate for his party, xhamster jepang much less the President of the United States. x hampster John was ready to check out and find a way back to his xhamster xxx home in hamster xxx North Carolina. This was becoming too much of a xhamster photo sexual weekend in New York City for this country boy from the south. There suddenly a knock on the door. John opened the door only to discover free xhamster another x hamster.com shocker. There were ever so ho